17 September 2015

Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses design

Ray Ban is a well-known brand which is popular for its wide range of stunning sunglasses and eyewear designs. The ladies who are looking for an accessory to complement their outfit any time of the day, Ray Ban wayfarer women sunglasses will be the perfect choice. However, we know that there are certain individuals that do not how to find nice sunglasses design. Below are three types of Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses design which fits a majority of women’s fashion taste.  

  1.      Black Original Ray-ban wayfarer 

Black is a classic choice as it is a versatile piece to wear with any outfit. You can never go wrong wearing black original ray-ban wayfarer as it gives you that sopshicated appeal. Besides that, the black lens covers your eyes from harsh sunlight as well as hides your terrible eyebags. If you want a timeless piece of sunglasses, black is the way to go. 

 2.         Wayfarer flat metal 

The wayfarer flat metal design is perfect for the ladies who want a more balanced look. The wayfarer flat metal sunglasses are suitable for the individuals with a wider face shape such as round or heart shape. The designs of the wayfarer flat metal sunglass makes you look pretty and refined without being overshadowed by the sunglasses.  

3.       Folding classic wayfarer

The folding classic wayfarer sunglasses definitely give you that edgy look especially if you want an extra boost to your outfit. The folding Rayban wayfarer makes you appear modern and glamorous without you realizing it. Other than that, it is also easy to carry along in your handbag or pocket due to its folding design. It is not only stylish but practical and portable to bring anywhere.  The Ray-ban folding sunglass is a must-have for the ladies who love a quick emergency fix up. Slip on the folding sunglasses you carry with you all the time and you are set to go. 

So,apa lagi? takkan nak tengok orang pakai je? buy for yourself !

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  1. Peh..peh.. Yang no 3 tu smart. Siap leh lipat2 lg.