20 October 2015

How To Get Self Confidence

 Stop following/stalk  
-you will lost your confidence when  you follow/stalk "flawless" "life goals" "hipster" girl.Stop it because you will get jealous with their life.  

 Stop comparing yourself to others
-you will feel insecure if you ALWAYS compare your life,face,friend,body,ig feed(lol).C'mon,you have a good life enough,enjoy your life and stop comparing your life to others 

  Self help book
-self help book will motivate and help you to be better person,improve yourself,be confident. #88 Love Life is the perfect one! 

 Grab what you like
-just grab what you like or wear or whateva.You love food,then, eat.You love makeup,then, wear it.You love book,then,read it.You love me(?),then, tell my dad.<----JK 

 Follow your flow
-I mean,do what you can do or good at.If you love art,then,draw/paint something.Don't try to be another person.Believe in yourself.If that gal love makeup but you don't like it but that gal is your idol,don't wear makeup because it will kill you(i mean,the thing you don't like to do but your idol love to do and yeah,it kill youif you try to do it)Just be yourself. (kalau tak faham,komen haha) 

but,tak salah pon nak try perkara baru kan?

-ignore haters because haters gonna hate.Ignore what people talking shit about you because haters takde life <-(i always give that word to my friend when someone talking bad about her) 

what else? Leave your comment down below.Thank you for reading and sorry for the badddd grammar.Enjoy your life pretty :)


  1. we will get self confidence if we have a nice look/face. you know, for example, i have kinda bad teeth (tak tersusun), so i didnt have confidence when i talks with people.